When you need that fun-filled event full of random facts (but actually useful) that will leave people talking for days!

So what will I actually be doing/seeing if I come to a GeniTALES session?

Picture a quiz night with a twist! Lots of laughter and fun with your mates. Scan into an anonymous quiz that will get you giggling from the start, ask questions out loud or anonymously through the tech. The best fun seems to be had when you gather a group of mates and let it roll from there! Sessions typically run for around 2 hours (and then often carry on without me…!)


Anywhere! Bringing GeniTALES to the place you feel most comfortable including your home, workplace, pub, Men’s shed, book club or sporting club, hens night, bucks night, high-tea, bottomless brunch, Sunday-session at the local pub or fun corporate event. The possibilities are endless!

GeniTALES sessions can be specifically tailored to any age, gender or group. Experience across a myriad of ages and clients ensures a customised session with topics of interest for each audience.


GeniTALES Night-In

Gather a group of 12 or more mates in your loungeroom and have a fun night in.

Hens Party

Want an event with a difference – thought about that sex-toy party but not quite your vibe or don’t need a new toy cause you’re in the honey-moon phase! GeniTALES will give you the tools to navigate a love-lifetime of changes for your future sex life!! And of course, help your support crew as a bonus!

Bucks Party

Blokes you need this intel in your tool-belt to navigating the changes you will face with your partner…. Want to know what changes might happen to you and your partner over time, want to know what’s normal? Let me tell you there’s so much to know about the penis and its accessories, your partner and their bits, and everything in-between!

High Teas, Bottomless Brunches & Pub Gigs

Does your business need a novelty event that can bring in the crowds and create an energised, interactive fun vibe? Booking a session for your Pubs Sunday-session or weeknight draw-card, high tea or bottomless brunch could be your solution! GeniTALES is adaptable to any environment.

Corporate Fun Events

Need a novelty speaker at your event? Want your team to relax, laugh and interact, but learn all at the same time? Get in touch to see if we can work together to create a great start, end, or break in formalities for your event.

Workplace Sex Ed Train-The-Trainer

For teachers, social workers, youth workers and any other service provider that might benefit from an understanding of sexual health related matters. Sessions will be tailored to meet the needs of your demographics, and your professional development needs (short or long sessions available). This is a training session that won’t see you nodding-off in the chair or wondering when the next coffee break might be. Guaranteed to keep you engaged and up-beat.

How Much?

An ideal GeniTALES session is around 2 hours but can be tailored to suit your requirements or timeframes.

Cost is dependent on the size of the group, but a typical cost per 2 hour session is approximately $450 for up to 20 people.